Arthur L. Johnson Key Club


 Upcoming Events! 

 Meeting Wednesday After School!

Flapjack Breakfast- Kiwanis is having their annual pancake breakfast at Applebee's in the Woodbridge Mall on March 29th from 8am-10a . We will need students to serve food, seat the guests and clear tables. Please return money or tickets to guidance by March 27th. 

Mr. and Mrs. ALJ- Kiwanis will be hosting a show on April 24th in the auditorium to decide who will win the first ever Mr. and Mrs. Key Club 2014. We will need 10 boys and 10 girls to compete. All grades are welcome to participate.   

Discount Cards- Pick up discount cards in guidance (either 5 or ten) and try and sell all of them. They are $15 each and have many discounts for local restaurants, stores, ect. If attending DCON, try and sell as many cards as you can in order to lower the price of your DCON trip. 

District Convention- DCON is coming soon! Every year key club attends district convention in Long Branch, NJ. Enjoy the weekend of exciting key club events, dances, formals, and even stroll through Pier Village. 

Relay for Life- Relay for Life is a huge event that takes a lot of planning! Start to create teams of both students and adults (students from other schools are welcome)

Ink Drive- Bring in old ink cartridges, toners, and cell phones for the annual collections.

Pre-School Aftercare- Babysitting is open any day Monday through Friday at 3:10 at the Clark Recreation Pre-School. Record own hours for this event an give to any officers or Mrs. Zamboni. 


We are always looking for new (and inexpensive) fundraising/service projects! So if you have any ideas, feel free to submit them at anytime to the President or Mrs. Zamboni!


In order for you to receive Key Club credit for 2013-2014 service year, you MUST complete at least 30 hours of community service, paid $17 dues, and be in attendance for at least 10 meetings. If you do not meet all of these standards, you will not be considered a Key Club member for the year.

Outside Hour Form is online for any Key Clubbers who participated in service related activities that are not Key Club related. If you did this you are allowed up to 9 hours to count towards your total for the year. This is located under the "Resources" tab on the webpage. 

Take a look at the important information in the Editor's Monthly Newsletters, which can be found under the "Monthly Newsletter" tab.